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jul 21,2017 05:00 PM / Posted by Team Paltalk

You may have seen them earlier this year when we pitted Pal against Pal in the fiercest battle this side of the internet, but the Leaderboards are back with a few new surprises.

Accessible on the all-new Paltalk via the shiny new Leaderboards tab (left side of the screen), the My Region, My Pals, and Everyone Leaderboards each present a different set of perpetual live standings. They work off a seven-day running tally of your in-app activity and each category updates in near-real time so you can see who’s the boss whenever it strikes your fancy.

jul 21,2017 03:00 PM / Posted by Team Paltalk

As you know, for many months our team has been hard at work creating an improved and accessible Paltalk for members new and old. Many of our long-time Pals have been vocal about the changes, both in support and in opposition, and while the road to change is long, we are very grateful for all of the considered feedback we've received. It has helped us create a product we are proud of, and we want to showcase the enhancements and additions we've made to elevate the all-new Paltalk above Paltalk Classic. We hope that this comparison will highlight the all-new Paltalk’s superior qualities and help our members understand the value and ease in this new product (once you get used to it wink).

jul 14,2017 10:00 AM / Posted by Paltalk

We're partying like it's December 24th!

We're more than half way through the year, Pals, and how time flies! To celebrate, we're taking all of your favorite festive gifts out of the vault for Christmas in July! For a limited time, visit the Virtual Gift Store for access to rare gifts and special surprises.

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