Do’s And Don’ts To Make Video Chatting Fun Yet Safe

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Digitization is the key today, with many basics and essentials being done online. From buying groceries and ordering food to shopping and even attending meetings and seminars. Today, the world has shrunk into our smart gadgets, giving us the opportunity and convenience to do everything with the click of a button. The relevance of the virtual world has been felt more so in the last year than ever, where social distancing and restricted travel brought the world to a standstill.

In such times video chatting was and continues to be the most convenient way to connect with friends and family far and wide. In fact, video chatting seems to be the way forward, given the busy lives people lead. It is a cheaper and more inclusive form of interaction that allows you to keep in touch with people you already know and also forge new friendships. But there are some dos and don’ts of video chatting that you must adhere to. These will make virtual chatting an enjoyable, yet safe, experience for you.

Do’s of video chatting

Video chatting can be a whole lot of fun, packed full of great features to make conversations much more than just an exchange of information. Here are some things that you must do to enjoy this experience to the hilt.

1.  Create an authentic profile

The foremost step to start video chatting is to create a good profile that reveals enough information about you without giving out too many details. Your profile should enlist all your likes and dislikes along with your expectations from others. If you are comfortable, share some pictures of yourself. Don’t put up professionally taken pictures, instead, go in for more candid shots.

Having a witty opening line can work wonders too. In that opening line, you can add something about your interests or likes. Add some descriptors so that people can determine if you have something in common. It is also pertinent to state your intention for being on the video chatting portal. Some could want casual dating, while others might be interested in just making friends. If your intention is clearly stated you are more likely to get responses from people with similar interests.

It is always a good idea to look at some profiles before creating your own. It might give you ideas about what you would like to include on yours; however, the basic idea is to be genuine.

2.  Find a dedicated video chatting space

Video chatting is the new-age meeting some friends for a coffee or going out for a dinner date. It needs your dedicated time and space. You cannot be doing multiple things while chatting with people or have an untidy space with a lot of clutter and noise. It gives the impression of being uninterested in the conversation and this can definitely put people off.

Find a dedicated place in your home for chatting where there is no outside noise. Ensure that the space is free of clutter and has a pleasing backdrop. Have enough light falling on you so that the person can see you properly. Have earphones in case you have more people in the house. This will help you give undivided attention to that video chat. Remember, someone is taking out time to be a part of this conversation, and you need to give it that much importance too.

3.  Dress up well

Video chats are different from going out in public, so it’s easy to default to a look that is lazy or shabby. After all, who would want to dress up for a video call? But that’s where monotony can set in. It is essential to think of video chatting like going on a date and dress to impress. Remember, a shabby and unkempt appearance can turn the other person off.

So before getting online for your next video chat with a friend or potential partner, take a shower, wear presentable clothes, style your hair, and if you want wear some perfume. You needn’t go over the top, but a little bit of effort in looking presentable will go a long way.

4.  Find common interests and hobbies

Video chatting can get dull and boring after the initial few conversations. To keep the talks more meaningful and engaging it is essential to diversify your conversation topics. From speaking about your hobbies, likes and dislikes, to sharing pictures, videos and music playlists. You can also share virtual gifts and stickers with each other to make these online bonding sessions a lot more fun.

In fact, you can plan a weekend movie binge or a karaoke night with your friends and enjoy being together virtually like you would have otherwise. Get your favorite outfit out of the closet, wear some makeup and get ready for a virtual Saturday night party.

5.  Engage in informal and casual talks

Video chatting is a lot of fun when conversations are kept casual and relaxed. Keep the political disputes or religious debates to chat rooms set aside for those topics specifically. They can get tricky and might leave you with a bad taste. Instead, speak about common topics or have general discussions. In fact, many of the video chatting portals like Paltalk have public chat rooms where people with common interests connect and speak about interesting topics. Be a part of such groups and share your thoughts.

6.  Be positive

One of the must-dos in a video chat is to remain optimistic about things. Chatting is a fun activity that is aimed to take you away from a monotonous routine and make you meet new people. So show that side of your personality and make it a happy experience.

7.  Check audio and video quality of the device

For a seamless video chatting experience, it is important to connect through high-speed broadband. Also, you must have a high-resolution webcam for superior video quality. The angle of the camera is also important. Ensure that your entire face can be seen clearly and there is enough light falling on your face. Similarly, have a good microphone for proper audio quality, along with a pair of headphones.

Don’ts of video chatting

While you must ensure that the Do’s are done to make video chatting fun and safe. You should also follow the don’ts strictly.

1.  Do not neglect security

Your security and safety are of paramount importance when it comes to online video chatting. Firstly, only go in for video chatting platforms that have strict privacy policies and end-to-end encryption. Once you have decided on a secure video chatting portal, check if it allows anonymity. This is one aspect of a video chatting portal that can ensure your privacy and safety till you deem it right to reveal your identity. Many a time fraudsters are lurking around these websites to take advantage of innocent people, so it is critical to maintaining your safety.

2.  Do not reveal personal information

The virtual world can be quite vicious and hence, it is pertinent to be alert and safe. Do not disclose any personal information like pictures, home address and other details immediately

after connecting with a stranger. Get to know the person well, initiate conversations and if you are comfortable taking it forward, only then indulge in personal details.

3.  Do not do multiple things while video chatting

Dedicate time to your video chatting sessions. Do not do many things at the same time like cooking, listening to music along with chatting with someone. It shows disinterest in the conversation and the other person. Be mindful of the other person’s time and effort and make the video chatting time more meaningful, giving it the due attention.

4.  Never download files sent by strangers

Often in chatting rooms, random people share files in the form of photos, audios, videos and documents. Never download them until you are sure about their authenticity. They could be malware or viruses that can harm your gadget and also hack into your account. You should download and open them only once you establish faith and trust in the person sharing these files. You should also only share your pictures and videos once you are sure about the person you are sending them out to.

Guide to choosing a safe video chatting app

Now that you know the do’s and don’ts about video chatting, it is critical first to choose a good video chatting app. Today, hundreds of video chatting portals are available, each offering better features and price offers than the other, making it tougher for people to choose. You must follow a proper step-by-step method to shortlist the best apps backed by thorough research and reviews to ensure that you have selected the best app.

● Security

The most important aspect while choosing any video chatting app is the safety feature. Always ensure that the app you choose has end-to-end encryption and stringent firewalls. It should allow you to block troublesome people and also maintain your anonymity if you want. Always read the privacy policy and terms of conditions of the app before going in for it.

● Loaded with features

Video chatting is no longer just a means of communication where you see and talk to each other. It has a whole range of other fun features too. For instance, Paltalk, has public chat rooms where you can interact with more people, have discussions, share videos, and much more. It has gifts and stickers that you can share with friends to make

the conversations more entertaining. Look out for such platforms to enrich your  chatting experience.

● Free and premium

Most of the video chatting platforms are available for free but their premium services and features are at a cost. Always read about this aspect of a video chatting portal. If you are fine with spending a little to make your interactions more meaningful go in for the premium account, or test out the free versions as you get started.

● Compatible across platforms

You might be using an Android smartphone presently but later decide to switch to an iOS device. What if the video chatting app is not compatible with both? This means you have to change the app and go through the entire process of making a profile and finding new people to interact with. To save all this trouble, it is best to look out for video chatting platforms that are compatible with all types of platforms including, Windows, Linus, iOS and Android. Also, always update the app; otherwise it takes too much space on your smart device.

● Easy file sharing

Since video chatting is more than just speaking, ensure that the app you choose allows easy and seamless transfer of files of all types, including videos and audios. Conversations become more enjoyable when you can share pictures about your latest holidays, send YouTube videos on your favorite cookery show or even share your Spotify music playlist.

● Multilingual support

The majority of the video chatting apps are available in English. However, what if you are not well-versed with English and still want to connect with others through the internet? Look out for apps that have multilingual support. For instance, Paltalk supports 17 languages, giving its users the freedom to connect with a broader set of people.


As more and more people transition to connecting with the world through their smart gadgets, you have to learn to navigate and relish connections made through video chatting apps. It is definitely not as good as meeting someone in person but with all the fun features that most of

the video chatting apps offer, it is quite an enjoyable and life-like mode of forging bonds. If you follow the do’s and don’ts of video chatting, it can be a great experience for you without threatening your safety. So go ahead and download your favorite video chatting app and turn social distancing into distant socializing. You will soon be addicted to it!